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Simulcast Auctions every Friday starting at 10:00am

We Simulcast our Frirday Auction with Live Internet Bidding for Licenced Motor Dealers.

Register for a bidder number.

To bid on a simulcast auction you need a bidder number.  You can use your bidder number on all future auctions.
please register here to get a bidder number. 

There are no Simulcast Auctions available at this time.

Catalogues are normally listed on the morning of the Simulcast.

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Join the auction LIVE from your office! You will see a live video of the auctioneer and be able to bid in real time. The simulcast is available to registered licenced motor dealers. If you are already registered with Bidsonline you can use the same bidder number to bid on F3 Motor Auctions.

To bid by simulcast please register here to get a bidder number.

As soon as you register you will receive an email with your bidder number.

Simulcast auctions start 10:00 am every Friday. A preliminary catalogue is available the afternoon before, with the final catalogue loaded on the morning of the auction.

Refund of deposit policy
You are buying a car at auction and if your bid is successful and the auctioneer says 'Sold' you have entered into a legally binding contract to purchase the car, consequently your deposit of $500 will not be refunded if you do not pay the final balance on the vehicle.
Technical Requirements
The bidding screen automatically scales to a pc, a mobile or a tablet. No special apps or downloads required.
If you are behind a corporate firewall you should ask your I.T department to open ports 5119 and 5135.


For help and assistance regarding the simulcast bidding system, please contact: Bidsonline 02 8850 1192